27 Things I Learned at EdTech 2010

1. Google may be making me stoopid.png (although I'm sure it's not the only culprit) 2. typr.png is an online collaboration tool 3. So is Screen_shot_2010-10-29_at_3.15.59_PM.png 4. a good script = an even betterpodc.png 5. drop2.pngis an alternative to dropb2.png 6. Use today.png to make a classroom back-channel today (or tomorrow) 7. cam.png can record what's happening on your screen 8. So can jing.png 9. twid.png brings all the excitement of 140 characters to the classroom with no activation email required 10. zoo.png practically makes student work jump off the page 11. time.png literally makes linear learning likeable... literally... 12. jaycut.png is a web based video editor 13. Test out testmoz.png - it's free! 14. instructional.png is a book by Jim Knight... I haven't read it, so I don't have any idea what it's about 15. google.pnghas a timeline search feature... those Google people... what will they think of next? 16. Create video screen captures on the iPod/iPhone/iPad with spoken.png 17.google.png has a Wonder Wheel... I wonder why I never knew that until now 18. glog.png takes all the fun out of poster making -no more eating glue or running with scissors.. Thanks alot, Glogster! 19. sound.pnghas free sounds which sounds good to me 20. eport.png gives South Carolina's students and teachers just what they have always wanted... an ePortfolios 21. Project KNect and MoleNet have shown the potential of mobile.png as learning tools 22.pivot.png makes stick figure animations... even if it seems hard at first - stick with it! 23. chacha.png thinks it knows everything (and it probably does) 24. geog.pngdoes not require spray paint or lead to any vandalism charges 25. wiffitti.png let's students text in class... because I'm sure no student has ever done that before 26. The ip.png just isn't the real thing 27. qr.pngis pretty cool